Log 38

Warm Up with joint work and light movement prep.


20 MINUTES. Every other even minute on the minute. 10 Hang Cleans. 5 Hang Snatches. 5 Front Squats. 5 Overhead Presses. Each done ON THEIR OWN. Not back to back.

Each done at 75 % of your body weight. The faster your complete the set, the more rest you have. But it still a question of quality. Push yourself. But be smart.

Log 37

Warm Up with light movement prep. 5 minutes


Log Style Power Clean and O.H. Press with 1.3 x b.w.: 5 x 4

*Log style is exactly how it sounds. A barbell is necessary for this.

Cossack Press with 25% b.w.: 5 x 3

* Get into low cossack, ONE press on same side as bent leg. Switch and repeat. On fifth set, 3 presses in succession before switching. Keep spine long. Generate total body tension. Do not simply press with pure shoulder strength.

Finish with 5 sets trunk work from hang, handstand practice, and mobility work.

Log 36, Finally

Been doing a lot of mobility work. Not as much lifting. Lot of speed and coordination training. None the less, it has aided in my journey to achieve ultimate adaptability. Able to recruit and contract more fibers, Steadily increasing range of motion.

Warm Up with mobility work 5 miutes


Bench Press/Bent Row Superset: 4×5 @ 1.25 x b.wThen 3×3 @ 1.3 x b.w., then 1.5 x b.w. Rows @ 1/2 b.w. per hand.

Farmer’s Walk: 1/2 b.w. per hand

O.H. Carry: 1/2 b.w. per hand. (if you make it this far, you better be able to get half your body weight into that overhead position with ONE HAND, if you can’t, go back and do ALL of my workouts!)

Single Arm O.H. Squat: 5×5 @ 25% of b.w.

Finish up with mobility practice. Explore new ranges and experiment with movements

Log 35

A lot of volume in this workout. Rest accordingly.

Warm Up 15 minutes mobility work.

STRENGTH PRACTICE: Each exercise is 2 sets of 5. Then perform combo movement for 2 sets of 2. All movements loaded.

Cossacks, Rear Lunges, Dragon Squats.

Combo movement is Conventional Squat to Rear Lunge to Dragon Squat. 1 rep per side. All at 75% bodyweight. *Make your transitions controlled! The movements need to be as precise as possible. You will progress faster in terms of efficiency, strength and balance this way. Precise transitioning is the most difficult aspect, and even more important.


Spend another 20 minutes focusing on hip, and ankle mobility. Anytime you need a break, 6 Loaded Pullups with 25% bodyweight.

Finish up with light stretching. Your lower posterior chain should be on fire after this. If you didn’t feel your glute-hamstring complex working, it’s an indicator that you are not yet able to recruit the proper fibers correctly and generate proper trunk tension. Work on each movement, going as deep into the movement as your joints and tissues will allow safely, and progress.

Log 34

Look closely at the chart below. It’s simple but a very good indicator as to what energy pathway you are depleting when engaging in physical exercise. All are necessary. Depending on your fitness objectives, it’s possible to tap into a specific system to use its properties in your favor less using the other pathways.

metcon energy chart sample

Today’s workout is a good example of using the phosphagen and the glycolytic pathways. Due to the body’s ability to break down and rebuild chemical energy at an advanced rate without the presence of oxygen, thus, supplying energy that can only be sustained for a short period of time, some people refer to the act of using the former as metabolic conditioning. (METCON) As this places heavy rates of fluctuation on the body’s metabolic system or, metabolism. This folks, is how you raise your metabolism and burn calories by doing nothing. You’ve actually got to do a whole lot of something to be able to sit around and do nothing and look like something. Free and easy is seldom worth it.

Warm Up 15 minutes of joint and mobility work.

CONDITIONING: 20 Minutes. AMRAP. Rest as needed after round is complete

O.H. Press x10 @ 30% bw. Pullups x10. Max Sprint 10 seconds.

If you consider yourself a traceur, put some obstacles in your path during the sprint. But allow yourself more recovery time. Don’t underestimate this. I like to practice, so short and sweet workouts aren’t my favorite. This WILL NOT seem that short. And it is FAR from sweet. Your respiratory system will thank you later. Had 2 workouts today but don’t wana waste a post? That makes no sense. But in my mind, it does .Ok.

For the brave…..STRENGTH WORK

SQUAT: 3×6 @ 1.3xbodyweight. Then 3×2 @ 2xbodyweight

Recovery Day…Ha!

I thought to myself “Let me try one of those ‘active recovery’ days these fitness magazines are always on about”. Silly Kay, active recovery’s for kids. Instead….

Warm Up 10 minutes joint work and free movement


Standing O.H. Press: 5×5@ 75% bw. 3×2@ 85% bw

Dumbbell B.O. Rows@ 50% bw/ hand. Cable Ab Pull Down in half squat stance@ 70% bw: 5×5 each exercise

Rest 30 seconds in between sets.

Finish up with 15 minutes trunk stability work. Loaded trunk twists, cable chops, single leg scaption with shoulder extension to name a few.

Be safe, have fun